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925 Fine Silver Eye Necklace



925 Sterling Silver 



• Chain : 45 cm / 17,71 inches

• Approx. Eye Width 10mm

• Approx. Eye Height 6mm



• Store your jewelry in a clean, dry place away from direct sun exposure.

• Skin and hair products such as body lotions, perfumes and creams can react adversely with jewellery causing precious metals to tarnish and/or erode. It is advisable to apply any cosmetic products in advance of putting on jewellery. 

• Jewellery should not be worn in the shower or bath, or when bathing in a hot tub, pool or in the sea. Avoid chlorine. 

• Silver jewellery may be polished using a specialist silver polish. 

Silver Eye Necklace Silver Eye Necklace

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Silver Eye Necklace